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December 13, 2013

Laura Bear Wrapping Ideas

Traditionally, christmas eve isn't christmas eve unless I am up until at least 1 am last minute wrapping.
This year I am determined to kill that tradition!
So I've decided to get a little creative. 
Here are 3 ideas I am going to be cranking out these next 2 weekends....
I knew that I wanted to try something different from store bought paper this year,
so I picked up a roll of drawing paper from ikea for 5 bucks.
You can find something similar at any craft store, but this price cannot be beat and it is the perfect weight.
It is just thick enough so that it isn't see through, but not too thick, making it easy to fold neat creases.

For this stitched look, I cut the size I needed to wrap the small box, and stitched some red lines on it with my sewing machine.
Uneven lines and even switching up the stitch lengths made it look pretty cool.
I then cut up a brown grocery store bag to make the tag for it and attached it with a double wrap of some bakers twine.
And there we have a red and white candy-cane looking wrap job!
For the second idea I knew I wanted to use grocery store bags for the wrapping paper
(mostly because I ALWAYS forget my reusable tote bags so we have a billion paper grocery bags laying around).
I found this super cute masking tape at target that is green, {similar here, but in store they have way cooler options}
I wrapped the tape once around and slapped on some ribbon. Tie on a gingerbread ornament with some green bakers twine and it's all set!

faux bois wrapping paper

For this one I took a crayon and rubbed diagonal lines across the size paper I needed.
I did it on my wood table so it gave it a really cool faux bois look. It would be really neat to rub the whole paper too. I think I will try that next!
I simply tied this one with some twine and threw in some evergreen springs plus a cinnamon stick!
( I found really cool chunky cinnamon sticks in the baking isle at target).

Here's hoping I can crank out a whole bunch of these!

Have a great weekend!



briannelee said...

Oooo, I love all three. I am sure they look pretty pretty pretty under the tree :)

Natalie - The Senses Five said...

How you found the time to do this and blog about it I'll never know. But I'm totally doing that crayon one! And yes, I will be doing it at midnight on Christmas Eve. Also, this is totally random and somewhat strange but I came across this and thought you might like it:

Happy Holidays! xo

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

now that's a perfect example of design done right! i love your take on homemade wrappings Laura --- they've really got that sentimental touch :)

i'm a last minute wrapper too, totally relate to the 1am timeline. ouch! i bet with this plan implemented you'll make it all happen well before xmas eve though. i'm sort of astounded as to how rad the crayon works, really looks like birch bark!! please spill on where your tree skirt came from too, i LOVE it! xo ♥

Laura Bear said...

YEP Natalie!!!!... lovelove that. I wonder if I could ever actually make something like that... still just looking at my macrame books.....

Laura Bear said...

Thank you Lynn!!
I was totally impressed with the crayon too! Haha and the whole wood look was a happy accident... I thought I was just going to get stripes!

The tree skirt is from World Market. Looks like they still have it...!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

hip hip hooray, thanks for the link Laura. will check it out asaps. you're awesome!

wasn't sure if you got my reply about the Santa mug but it came from Superstore. it's a Canadian company as far as i know :( we were shopping for groceries there when i spotted it and couldn't resist his rosy cheeks! ♥