Laura Bear: Laura Bear's inspired

November 7, 2013

Laura Bear's inspired

ughhhhhh!! SO GOOD!!!

Thank GOD I have a friend who is getting married next summer and will be going with one of the Mara Hoffman bridal pieces...
otherwise I would make hubs marry me againsies... it's that good.

annd Zara... just stop!!!!!!! I want to wear both of those looks. Tomorrow.

also...the photography...on all of this <3 <3



little t said...

I love Mara Hoffman... I always fall in love with the swimsuit collection every year!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

for seriousies! yes, agreed and applauded, every single shot is pure mastery. isn't Zara hitting right outta the ballpark? man, i could go on a spree there daily.

i am in awe over the wedding wears, your friend is a lucky bride-to-be! swooooon. ♥

Natalie - The Senses Five said...

Damn it Zara! As if I didn't hate all of my clothes already. Also, I love breastfeeding and all, but looking at clothes was a little easier when I didn't ask "can I nurse in it" to everything.

Diana Mieczan said...

Zara is really rocking my world right now and I love those bridal pieces by MH. Swoon! Happy Tuesday, darling. xo