Laura Bear: Laura Bear's Hair

July 1, 2013

Laura Bear's Hair

Hi Happy Monday!

I hope you had a lovely day.
My baby shower is on Saturday, so today I did a trail run for my hair....
since my last full blown crown braid was a little too sloppy, I decided to try something a bit easier.
With this one I just made a middle part and started 2 smaller braids on either side, tying the ends with these clear hair bands.
Then I just pinned them under each other in back and made this little halfsies crown. :)
Curl up the ends and I think it should work for the shower!



little t said...

This is beautiful Laura. I love the ombré too!

Mandy Crandell said...

So very pretty!

Jessica said...


Alicia Mackin said...

Oh wow, this looks GREAT! I wish I had to the patience to do stuff like this and love the ombre highlights.

Ali of

Dressing Ken

Diana Mieczan said... looks so beautiful, sweetie! Have a great day. xoxo

briannelee said...

Ah, so pretty. I love it!!!!!

Lisa said...

So pretty! I love trying out different braid styles