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May 8, 2013

Laura Bear Likes....

Ya know summer is coming when you want a smoothie everyday.
I have to say, Greek yogurt has totally changed my smoothie experience.
Lighter than it's traditional dairy variety and way more protein, it's a great way to jump start your day.

I usually add...
1/2 Cup plain greek yogurt /// 1/2 Cup ice /// 1 banana /// 1 Cup frozen fruit* /// 1 tsp honey /// 1/4 Cup OJ

(*blueberry and peach is my favorite, but Pineapple and mango is a close second!)

Blend it up, throw it in a glass and add a straw. YUM!

I love ikea straws, as they are wide enough, but not as wide as a boba or milkshake straw.

and speaking of ikea... have you seen their tablewares lately? SO good!

I snapped up a 1/2 doz of the floral cloth napkins seen above. And I found a matching runner for my table <3
I also picked up these flamingo glasses that I think would be so fun on a picnic.

 I wish I would have seen this, as I surely would have gotten it too.

Cheers to warm weather and icy drinks!


Diana Mieczan said...

I need to take a trip to ikea. Those glasses are the cutest!!! Btw: so making your smoothie tonight. I have some Greek yogurt at home:) Muah, lovely

briannelee said...

Oooo, those glasses are so cute!!!

I love smoothies too! I like mixed berry with some pineapple and orange juice :)

Ali of Dressing Ken said...
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Ali of Dressing Ken said...

Those glasses are great! They look so retro. My friend Danna loves all things mid century AND flamingos I am going to have to pass this on to her!

Ali of

Dressing Ken

Marlen said...

oh my god, is that in ikea?! i was going to go last saturday but then got lazy (seriously, traveling through their floors is a FEAT), now i wish i had. those are so stinkin' cute. also, i need to try this greek yogurt craze- i'm ashamed to say i've never tried it, not even once!

xo marlen
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little t said...

Blueberry and peach - oh yeah!

Greta from said...

I loooooove your blog! It is so appetizingly presented and well written!
Yes, I do also love IKEA and they always achieve to get my buying new summer table wear :)


Jessica said...

Oh man. I'm torn. I hate Ikea, but I LOVE flamingos. To go or not to go ...