Laura Bear: Mama Bear

April 16, 2013

Mama Bear

OH bTW! :)

Just growing a baby over here! YEAY!

2nd trimester is seriously awesome. I seem to be growing a little kicking dancer. We find out the sex in the few weeks, so I will let you know!

So far I have discovered that ...
Yoga is way harder when you are preggers (I thought prenatal yoga was going to be all easy and slow, wrong.... balance. is. hard.)
Here are the best preggers pants so far... tbd once the belly get's bigger...
all of my friends have simultaneously started calling me mama bear... even the hubs. I like it
(ps, did you see that Modern Family where Phil calls Clare "Mama bear" and she was like "Um, No." hahaha..)

and  my nursery plan :)

PS- You can see my belly poking out in this post :) I was wondering if anyone would notice.

YEAY!!! :)



briannelee said...

Yay! Mama Bear! Love your nursery plans.

Jessica said...

Congrats! I'm eager to hear if there's a little girl or boy on the way! And that zebra wall art - so freaking adorable!

Bijou's Style said...


Greta from kid-à said...

what a sweeeeet baby belly!!!!
I love following along your pregnancy and your experiences - and especially love that you do not give up on style "just because you are pregnant".
Remember that mission also when the baby's born.

many greetings

little t said...

Oooooh, look at you... you look beautiful!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

gaaaaaaaaaaa, i feel like a total fail for not visiting more often. this is HUGE-ness news and i'm late in the congrats game. but Laura, i really wish you both and the sweet baby girl you've made together all the joy that the world can give. baby blessings to someone as special as you are really give my heart happiness to see :)

prettiest baby momma there eva was is what!!!!! xo ♥