Laura Bear: Laura Bear Inspo.

April 16, 2013

Laura Bear Inspo.

Maybe you remember when I posted about that massive image bank of Circus Posters? I could seriously spend hours on that website.

Well, I just discovered a new jackpot! Vintage and travel posters, all downloadable at a decently high res, for FREE!
Check em out!  Lovely cheap wall art...just frame it and voila! Color on ze walls!

How fun!!

You can check out some other fun posters and wall art on my "Hang it" board over here.

Have a great Tuesday you guys.

Boston, you are in my thoughts and prayers. <3



briannelee said...

Oooo, so fun! This is a great idea. Might need some for my bedroom.

Bijou's Style said...

SOO cute. I am going to bookmark!!!! xox

little t said...

These are cool.. going to check the site now!

little t said...

That website is brilliant, if a little creepy!