Laura Bear

October 26, 2012

pinterest, music and instagram help me.
What about you, what are your tips and tricks for staying inspired?
Have a wonderful friday!


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

yes to those 3 for sure. it's tough sometimes to clear the blockage of whatever's getting in the way of insp but i do find the most wonderful & positively magnetic charges off of everything from clothing mixes, to impactful illustration to certain "hit me at just the right time" prose.

music is by far the number one winner though, just does something to your whole entire schema when a song that fits your heart is played.

nice theme Laura, thanks! xo ♥

Jessica said...

When I'm feeling uninspired, unplugging helps tremendously. Take the afternoon to explore a nearby city or read a book or just go for a walk. It's hard to come up with new ideas sitting at a computer.