Laura Bear: Laura Bear's Photography Work Process

October 5, 2012

Laura Bear's Photography Work Process

Here is a breakdown of how the planning of most of my photo shoots go...
For bigger campaign shoots, I typically have a few phone conversations with the art director / buyer and/or stylists to nail down the importants....who/what/when/where. 
I love it when a client let's me be involved in the model casting... 
like I tweeted about is pretty ridiculous. 

For the upcoming Holiday campaign for FlirtCatalog, I was able to remotely review the models and nail down budget/location/props available etc with the buyer and stylist. 
From there I make a mood board to sum up the vibe that I think the client is going for. 
I love pinterest for this, but I usually also put all of the images into a dropbox folder so that it can easily be shared with anyone, pinterest fan or not. 

Here is a sneak peek at the mood we are going for with Flirt. 
It will be shot in studio, so we will not have a beautiful Parisian apartment wall or a rustic mantel over a roaring fireplace, like some of these pics show, 
but in general it gives the feeling that we will be going for. 
We will be using a new face for the campaign, Alden, so I am looking forward to it! 

Oh and here is the call sheet... 
I can usually tell what the vibe will be at a shoot just based on when I receive the call sheet ... and if I don't receive one, that says a lot too! 
Not that it's a super big deal, but it sure does keep things tidy.
anywhoo, I hope you enjoyed that peek into my work process for prepping for shoots.
Now THAT is enough about work! HAPPY FRIDAY


briannelee said...

Love this behind the scenes look at your job. I can't wait to see the finished results.

See you tomorrow :)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

so cool, i love getting inside your groove when processing creative amazings like this! funny, i was just uploading some folders into Dropbox myself to share. that thing's awesome!

i'd die to be a tag along to one of these with you, seems like such a rad atmosphere full of inspiration. beautiful mood board lades, i know you'll tap into just the right pulse points and give this shoot amazing vibrance!!! ♥