Laura Bear: Laura Bear likes Andersonville

October 11, 2012

Laura Bear likes Andersonville

This past weekend we ventured over to Andersonville. I have awesome antiquing luck there and found 
my lovely dining room table at Brownstone Antiques.

I really like all of the quant shops and the laid back vibe that the neighborhood exudes. 
There are a lot of amazing antique shops, thrift stores and cute pubs. 

It was a bit windy and cool this past Sunday so we popped into Hopleaf for a warm up. He had Dragons Milk 
while I stuck to my coffee (Irished up ;) ). 

If you can ever make it to Chicago, be sure to check out Martha's article about
 Andersonville...she sums up a lot of the goodies. But also be sure to check out The Brown Elephant
It is inside an old theater! 

Hope you are having a cozy start to your fall! xo


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

Lynn likes Andersonville also!! having never even heard of it before now, can i qualify to say that yet? perhaps not but still it looks like such a quaint town with a bunch of sweet spots. congrats on finding your table there, that's awesome Laura! mmm, Irished up coffee sounds really good right about now. we're getting pummeled with rain this weekend. big boo urns but it is nice to tuck inside and keep warm under the comfs on the sofa! xo ♥

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