Laura Bear: Laura Bear at the Randolph Flea Market

October 2, 2012

Laura Bear at the Randolph Flea Market

This weekend we attended the Randolph Flea market in search of dining room chairs.
While we didn't find chairs, we sure did have a lot of fun!
They even had poets who will write a commissioned poem for you (on a typewriter!!)... clever clever

I ended up purchasing that super pretty Scandinavian looking table cloth for my breakfast nook, ($5!)
and three toy arrows that I thought were pretty cool.
Plus, they have "Bear" inscribed on them... naturally I had to have them :)

While the Randolph Flea was fun, it was kind of small (but there is an indoor part!)
and it made me miss the Long Beach version.
I hope you are having a nice start to your week.


Marivic Ulep said...

I saw this table cloth on your instagram. It's awesome. Wish I can find something like that here in Nevada.

Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog. ;-)

Melissa Blake said...

What awesome finds!! xoxo

emily liebl said...

Yes, I guess my header photo image is me but it wasnt really me. Love it though. Thanks for the compliment!!!! Love your post and blog so charming. XOXOXO Emily

Krystal said...

ok can i fall in love with your umbrella/toy arrow holder???? it's gold for goodness sake. i love it.

briannelee said...

Oooo, looks like it was fun!

Ashley said...

How fun! Love everything that you found, especially the arrows.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

fun-NESS! i would so be in the queue for a commissioned poem!!! Laura, your shoes are too awesome and the things you scored there are fab x's 10. darling namesake arrows! ♥