Laura Bear: Birthday Bear

October 24, 2012

Birthday Bear

Hello All! What a whirlwind these past 2 weeks have, throw my birthday into the mix and wowza... Im exhausted!

My b-day was awesome. Present's in bed, cake with good friends... I was sung "Happy Birthday" 3 different times throughout the day. amazing.

I wanted to share this one gift idea that I thought was so creative. An instagram post birthday card! I received one from 2 different people.
HOW CUTE is that?! It was so fun to look back at pics from over that past year.
It really made me realize what a year I have had and what exciting things are coming up!
A lot of my success and fun has been brought by you, my blogggity-blog readers. So thanks for that and CHEERS to another wonderful year!


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

HB Laura Bear!!!! i was looking through the ol' blog roll and spotted this just up so had to come over asap and wish you much happiness pretty pal! glad you had the greatest of days, sounded mighty perfect-land to me :) 3 songs and no b-day bumps = yessuh okay. baha!

the instagram thing is cool, gotta look into that. high held cheers lades, keep enjoying this new year the whole way through. ♥

pea ess: just noticed that we're completely in commenting sync, how often does that happen? kinda radness right there. xo

Marivic Ulep said...

Happy Birthday to you, Laura! Cheers to you and many more fabulous years to come! XOXO ;-)

Chrissy said...

Aren't awesome friends the best! So glad you had such a wonderful time! xxx

briannelee said...

Cute idea!!! I am so glad you had a great bday. Can't wait for shopping this weekend!

Amely Rose said...

lovelly post!

want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

my blog:

susana said...