Laura Bear: Laura Bear Dusty Dried Flowers

September 30, 2012

Laura Bear Dusty Dried Flowers

 my sweetie gave me those roses last week <3
They are so pretty though, I decided to dry them... even if I only enjoy them dried for a day on my desk... I thought it would be fun.
Dried flowers remind me of dusty, antique filled homes that have bowls of potpourri everywhere... but I think I might be able to make an updated version with these beauties.

ps- I have a sprinkle on my floor.. I didn't even notice it till I opened the photo on my computer :)

Do you like dried flowers?
I am off to the flea market... we need dining room chairs...wish me luck!
Have a nice Sunday


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Those roses are too adorable! :)

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

awe, what a guy!!! they're be-U-tiful, i have no doubt you'll create an updated version that is a total stand-out! um, after our cats got into mine...leaving them flaked and scattered all over the floor -grrrrrrrrrrr =^..^= i have now opted for the plastic (good quality) variety. baha, way less mess this way and also not poisonous for the feline friends. ♥