Laura Bear: Laura Bear Beach Bum

August 21, 2012

Laura Bear Beach Bum

 Here are some shots I took when we went to the beach on Sunday with good friends.
It was a super fantastic secret beach.
<3 Michigan is amazing <3


briannelee said...

Oooo, great photos!!!! Such a pretty spot.

susana said...

Like it!

Chrissy said...

Gorgeous! Love Lake Michigan!! Miss it dearly! xxx

Lauren said...

Very cool, beautiful shots!

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

beautiful this around sleeping bear dunes area? i love that part of Michigan.

Laura Bear said...

Thank you Chica, Cienna and Cali! This is further south, near South Haven. I grew up by the sleeping bear dunes in Leelanau county... I love that part too!