Laura Bear: Laura Bear Luxury Jones Boots

May 17, 2012

Laura Bear Luxury Jones Boots

Snapped up a pair of Luxury Jones Boots...
needless to say, I'm obsessed and will not be needing pedicures this summer.
You can get them on-sale at Free Peeps right now


Cătălina Stancu said...

omg~ The boots look soo good~ I love them!! ♥. hmm.. maybe i buy a pair for myself :D

xo, Katie
8 ltters 3 words: I love you ♥.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

heyyyyyyyyy now! those are some real suh-weet kicks plus a little less toe exposure would serve me well at this point. the pedi scene has fallen short of late and peeping my lower digits is strongly NOT - advised ; )

um, those leeeeegs of yours go on forever! fab shot Laura, love this total. hope you're having some breaks in the work weeks. i know how full steam ahead you are but take time out for beach visits and stuff you enjoy too. xo ♥