Laura Bear: Minty + Melon + Laura Bear

March 18, 2012

Minty + Melon + Laura Bear

Mint + Melon ... absolute favey-gravy color combo....
Collar tipped mint shirt from Zara with green dipped hair for st. patties day /// 3395C Pantone mug ///the catcher in the Rye in melon <3///
minty loafers as seen here before///Diebenkorn exhibit with lots of mint+melon at the ocma///mint sole Mark Ronson mens loafers ..can't seem to find them anywhere anymore.
what is your go-to color combo fave right now?


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

Laura, favey-gravy is gonna be my new catch phrase thanks to YOU! love that and also adore this color combo. really makes me look that much more forward to springs arrival and the ability to cloak myself in sherbet colors too!!

gosh how i dig your gif action - always an astonishing brilliance and super pimped/pumped up design elements going on here. charming marvels. xo ♥

Diana said...

Love your blog photos, and mint is sooooo lovely especially for this summer but I'll combine it with peach. ;)

Eddie Ross said...

We are loving these colors for spring! They've shown up in a lot of projects lately and are amazing for the wardrobe. Hope you have a great holiday weekend.
xo E + J