Laura Bear: iphone case

March 18, 2012 iphone case

I <3 mine.


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

ooooooooooooo, i was doing some retail therapy in the online matrix a few weeks ago and saw this sweet ♥ come up for sale again. you know i snapped it up so fast and it arrived the other day so i'm beyond stoked to share in the love right along with ya!!! only thing is, do you have any tips on how to maintain its crisp white condition? mine already has some black rub marks on it and i've tried the magic eraser plus a couple other strategies but nothing seems to get them off. yours looks do you do it? yoda me up lades ; )

another great thing about this shot is the all important Coors Light beer can prop, so awesome! xo ♥

iphone 4s skin said...

Gorgeous! I love your iphone case.