Laura Bear

January 12, 2012

we went to
san fran to
ring in the
new year...
miss it...
there is
something magical
about San Francisco,
a certain feeling...<3


Chrissy said...

Wow, love these photos - simply beautiful! SF is such a great city, been there years ago and loved it! Have to go back some day! xxx

Sofija's World said...

I envy you on such an amazing trip to, as I heard, amazing city!
Happy New Year and I wish you a lot of travelling!

blue china studio said...

You really captured the essence of SF with these photos. I love going into SF over the Bay Bridge and seeing the fog is wafting about all the skyscrapers. It looks like you had a crystal clear day though. It must have been beautiful.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

gaaaaaaaaaaaa, i wanna go there SO bad! Sean & i are hoping to do a road trip this year and make it our mission to see SF. you're so lucky to have spent New Years there, bet it was some kinda blast. fab photos, go big or go home!!! ♥