Laura Bear

August 14, 2011

we hiked
I was a little hasty in preparing for our hike... just went out the door....
realized I was wearing a very non-hiking get-up consisting of 
a silk shirt and Sperry's  -_-
(+ a scotch tape hair-tie cause I forgot a real one )
I've been digging circles a lot as of late.
There is always major circle inspo from Ana at 
(Her shop poster announcing the end of summer sale is superb! See it here)

 and Bri's "Shoe Closet" post at design love fest
has super awesome circle stuff happening.

What blogs are inspiring you today? 


Ana Degenaar said...

Oh my goodness! Thanks for featuring me! xoxoxoxox

ediot said...

oh right now im so inspired by you. as i always am. you post the most amazing pictures and edit them in the most exciting way. well done.
hope you're enjoying your summer dear

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

holy amazing floating in and out image! you take gif's to the next level and beyond girl - insanely cool! i once did our Vancouver seawall (it's like a 3 - 4 hour jaunt) in flip flops. afterwards my legs were Gumby-esque and we went for some serious cocktails to remedy the sitch ; )

now i see where the tape hair tie came from, you are nothing if not original and crafty!!! circle stuff gets my juices moving too, my fave blog in all the land is Pugly Pixel. Katrina is GEMified and creatively rad. but you know you always give me insp for days lades, love the stuff you share. xoox ♥