Laura Bear

August 16, 2011

after literally taping my braid "shut" on a hike Sunday,
I decided to stop being hair lazy and try my hand at some of these braid trends that are floating the web waves.
I've seen my share of fishtail tutorials but Cupcakes and Cashmere by far makes the most sense.
I think I need to use smaller sections next time..
As to the twist braid.. I first tried this one thanks to this Refinery29 post
and I have to say, it's easy peasy!

Next up this

What hair trends are you diggin'?
Are you over the dip die fad that's been sweeping tresses across the land for some time now?
(mine washed out a bit too quick, I think I might want to do it again...)


ediot said...

great post. i love the twist braid.but then im all for any braid.. especially like french braids, but i can't attempt it myself it seems..

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

twisted triumph Laura!!!! as a "retired" hairstylist (i'm an oldy okay) i can see your grand achievement through the tight overlays, love it girl. damn fine job plus star blouse swoons all over this universe right now.

hmmm - hair trends, still lovin' the ombre locks & milkmaids. guess i'm a stickler for graduating movement, probz why this one gives me tingles too! xoox ♥

After Dreams said...

love it, your hair looks so beautiful


indonesiatooverseas said...

Every woman is beautiful, not important how her hair is. The matter is how good she use her brain. Thanks

Pinecone Camp said...

I love how this looks, but I am the laziest hair person I know!