Laura Bear: playhouse / dollhouse

June 23, 2011

playhouse / dollhouse

 found Larry the Lion at the 
Long Beach Flea Market
this past weekend. 
He's found a nice home here.
There was also a beautiful doll house that I wish I 'd of inquired about....


Ana Degenaar said...


Mandy Crandell said...

That mask is fantastic! I got a rabbit mask recently, but it's not nearly as cool as the lion.

ediot said...

the mask is super nice and this post is just lovely. thanks for sharing your photos, i always love coming here

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

sincerely, utterly and totally rad! what a fun party prop he'll be too...just don't let anyone grab him in the dark and start chanting Hakuna Matata. baha! love this total. ♥