Laura Bear

May 17, 2011

I'll post some "behind the scenes" pics once I'm done doing what I need to be doing right now...
IE editing the pics from this loveliest of lovely shoots.

Best thing ever....when you get to work with really fun people who are silly
and inspire you and are good at what they do. <3


Krystal said...

awesome! I def want to see the photos!

Bijou's Style said...

such a fun shoot- had such a good time!!

cant wait to see more of the amazingness

loveee it


Bijou's Style said...

and I just noticed that the link back to your blog didnt work ;/ just fixed =)


Marinka said...

It looks like such a fun shoot, I am looking forward to more pictures ^^

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

sounds rad Laura and the preview has my curiosity piqued. it is truly the best to be surrounded by bright lights like these girls obvz are. cheers and happy weekend! ♥