Laura Bear: wanting wallpaper

April 12, 2011

wanting wallpaper

After a 12 hour work day... (worked on the photo shoot for the work website, worked on the spring / swim 2011 catalog, created a small new homepage banner and made the e-mail blast for tomorrow)

...I think I would like to take my mind elsewhere... like wallpaper.
I made this one for fun, and I'm calling it Bamboo Martinique...

I also love these from Osborne and Little,



Lynn {hearted girl} said...

i'm feelin' you girl! and for some reason have the taste of spearmint licorice strips in my mouth ; )

love the render and your insp but wowzah to that supremely long work day. you are a master multi-tasker to juggle all those balls and come out on top. cheers to that grand accomplishment!!!

please teach me mighty sensei...i need to learn how to dodge the domino's that seem to keep getting tripped ova heah : (

i'm so stoked you liked the shy girls manifesto, weirdest thing was that the writer (Liz Longacre) actually emailed me to thank me, said she'd "heard" about my posting...strange hey? i was honored she'd take the time to send me a little message.

thanks for all those rad-delish comments, they made my day extra juicy good! i wish we lived nearby, i just know we'd be fast friends. happy week! xox ♥

Hellagoodbye said...

Such a lovely wallpaper