Laura Bear

March 27, 2011

work stuff....
The tri-weekly e-mail blasts are one of the many things I do at my new gig.
Conceptualize and actualize = super fun time
Here are a few that I made in the past few weeks.
xoxo à toute à l'heure


Hearthandmade said...

woo woop!

did you mean abiento? Il see you later?

A toute a l'heur means - at any time.

:) xo

I do follow your blog every time your post and odnt always comment, im very sorry but your photos are brilliant! Your blog layout can be a little frustrating though! Trying to find things :D

Laura-Bear said...

Thank you so much for stopping by often and commenting.

As to my french; I was attempting to say "kisses and hugs to you all the time" when I said "xoxo à toute à l'heure" ...

at any time/all the time; not the same... my broken college french is no good... er, pas bon ;)

If you ever are looking for something, let me know and I will gladly help. I do not have an archive or a search, which is quite silly isn't it.

Mandy Crandell said...

These are great!

Chrissy said...

Wow, amazing!! I just love your work! So glad the job is fun!! You really deserve it!

Hope your weekend was fabulous! Hugs xxx

Krystal said...

hellooo amazing style inspo, nice work!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

sweet fancy bananas!!!! i love this so much Laura. you killed it with these graphic masterfuls, sounds like such a great gig to me! can i please be a minion in your midst and learn from such a pro as yourself? gaaaaa - and hello new banner. come sail away with me perhaps? xo ♥