Laura Bear: Penny loafers & BB Guns

March 30, 2011

Penny loafers & BB Guns

     Penny Loafers
     - They make frilly spring dresses and skirts feel fresh phresh both - like this
     - Because ballet flats only perpetuate the girlishness, so some masculine flare can give you just that.

    Keeping up on numismatic news
     - apparently this shield penny is not so new... news to me. I think they look fake!
     - Pennies for your loafers are a good thing, or do you prefer dimes?

    Reupholstering an old favorite
     - This lovely chair has been in my kitchen for 7 years.
     It had a ratty white vinyl seat. I ripped it off and staple-gunned some sunbrella (stain/water/UV proof) fabric to it, et voila!
     I'm actually not sure that I love it...'tis a bit loud, but I do like the change.
     and yes, that is my 27 year old husbands "Red Ryder" BB gun that sits on our porch...

how this all ties together I am not really sure.


Krystal said...

you should put some foreign coins in them that would be fun!!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

good point! i love a little masculine vibe with my girly goodness. way to make your point and terrific photo accompaniment too. okay LOVE the chair, wonderful diy but the bb we're talkin'! Sean is obsessed too and has his little james bond style one that he'll pop off at random. man do i ever jump a mile high! it's good to know we're just all bozos on the same bus - haha. ♥

hey, thanks for all those comments Laura - you have no idea how much i loved reading them! you're the BEST!!! xo

KC said...

I LOVE the new fabric on the chair (not sure what the original was, it's perfect for summer!

la petite coquine said...

I'm all for classic pennies-old school all the way!

Grandma Pat said...


Love your chair/stool. And the stock on the gun matches in color the pennies. When I was a young girl (12-13?)
saddle shoes with white anklets were the rage. Even though the country was just coming out of the Great Depression and World War II was on, somehow your great grandma and grandpa managed to get me a pair.

Love your blog. And you.