Laura Bear: trendy smooch

February 26, 2011

trendy smooch

Schiap has been a fav of mine for the past few years....offers a lovely punch to your pout.
but my new found fav is Morange. Perfectly orange and perfectly loud.

Have you added any color to yourself this early spring?



Gina @ Temporary Nest said...

That is so fabulous Laura! I never would have thought of orange lipstick! What a pretty color combo too. :) In honor of spring I'm desperately trying to add some color into my waredrobe! No more black and gray!

Mandy Crandell said...

I don't wear makeup, but I love the orange!

blue china studio said...

Orange! That looks fun. Love the graphic quality of the lipstick prints.

ediot said...

i really like bright pink lipstick . need to get myself something like that for spring/summer ;)
hope you had a great weekend dear


love jenny xoxo said...

I'll take the bright pink! Pretty sure I couldn't pull off orange (with my skin tone) but I would love to see how it looks!


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

little lipstick bullets, i LOVE! either that or they somewhat resemble...well....*blush* maybz i won't go there, this is a "clean" blog afterall ; )

adore bright spring colors like this and haven't heard of this brand, will need to learn more. i want a punched pout ASAP!

thanks for the wonderful comments lades, i had a blast reading them. much appreciation for your thoughts on my sister ish post and keep eyes truck may have a shout out to you real soon. xo ♥

Marie said...

Morange is a fun lip shade!:D

***** Marie *****