Laura Bear: Happy Saturday To You

January 15, 2011

Happy Saturday To You

Hope you can do some things that make you smile.



Felicity said...

I love your mani, that's a beautiful shade of red. Happy weekend to you! : )

Chrissy said...

Riding a bike in shorts???? Awesome! Buying plants!!! Awesome! Sun!!! Yay - can't wait!
Enjoy your weekend sweetie!!
Hugs xxx

ediot said...

oh. this just made me really happy. the photos are absolutely wonderful. and i long for spring so much. thanks so much for sharing darling.
hope you're having a great weekend

Lulu said...

Happy Saturday to you! Isn't the weather divine? I'm loving it!

And loving your shoe pics below ... I need a pair of "driving mocs". Tods would be nice :)

skeletaldreams said...

these are such beautiful, inspiring photos!
thank you for sharing, have a lovely day x

Diana Mieczan said...

I always adore your photos and your nailpolish is so cute:) Have a fantastic day,sweetie
Hugs and kisses

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Your photos have such vintage quality!
Luv them!!

Roxy Te said...

Adore your blog header, love! And you're making me terriby heart sick for my bike! It's still so cold here...just a few more months!

Gabriela Ciobanu said...

your pics make me smile. they are lovely!