Laura Bear

January 23, 2014

Laura Bear is cold

It's really really cold here in Chicago. Like, "arctic vortex" cold.
Hubs work had a "snow day" so he was home. Then there was a heat wave... jumped up to 32 degrees!
So we went outside!
We have some pretty huge changes happening here. We are moving back to socal in a few weeks!
Hence the radio silence here. We'll be going out to LA next week to find a place to live. 
I'll keep you posted!

My boots are here / sweater here / jacket here / hat here/ jeans here/ ila's snowsuit here /

January 5, 2014

Laura Bear new work

I was fortunate that with the holiday's and new year came new work!
Here is a sale that is still on over at Bijouterie.

Photography & Graphic Design by moi


January 4, 2014